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My TOP 7 Secrets For An Amazing Smelling Home

A pleasant smell in all rooms contributes to a warmer atmosphere. The spring time is almost here and I will share with you some tips on how to make your home smell amazing. One of the first impressions, when someone comes to your home, is the smell. I’m sure you want it to smell pleasant and inviting.

My favorite flavors are vanilla, coconut, and flowers. When my house smells good I feel so much better and feel so relaxed. I’m using products from a store as well as homemade natural fresheners and I’m using them inside the whole house, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

So let’s start.


When the weather allows you the first thing to do is to open the windows in your house. Just let the fresh air fill in your home. The bad smell will go out and the fresh air will fill in every room in your house.


Candles are a great way to relax and fill the house with the aroma you adore. There are so many choices regarding the candles that you can choose from. Today, the candle is not just a candle, it’s a piece of the design so, in addition to making your house fragrant, it will also be a nice decoration piece.
I often use candles while I’m having a bath. It smells so go and it’s so relaxing while you are having half an hour just for yourself.


Essential oils are one addition to the candles for me. I put few drops in the water and under it, I fire a candle. You can use cheap and simple candles for this purpose because candles just need to warm up the essential oil which will fill your home with amazing smells.


Fabric softener is not just for the clothes 🙂 I’m using it for refreshing pillows, blankets, and curtains. Just add 2 spoons of your favorite fabric softener into the spray bottle with 0.5 liters of water and you are ready to spread your favorite smell. I do this process also with essential oils. The effect is the same.


Essential oil diffuser it’s a new way to scent your home. You will need water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. It will turn your house into a stress-relieving oasis.


In the spring and over the summer the most natural way to scent your home is to bring inside some beautiful flowers. It’s a nice decoration feature too. Try to find Liles, Roses, Lavander, Jasmine, because those smell so good.


Some extra tips: Clean your home on a regular basis, throw out the trash more often (I found trach bags with some kind of nice scent), make your kitchen sink shine, wash your clothes on time and don’t wait to have a storage full of dirty laundry.

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