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20 Rustic Home Decorations

Why Rustic!? It makes your home look natural and cozy.

What is considered by Rustic?

  • Natural matirials
  • Earcth/ Neutral color pallete
  • Old wood
  • Wood beams
  • Original framing
  • Original flooring
  • Open bricks

All this can be supplemented with rustic look home decorations, like wooden wall clocks, wooden trays or jars, table runners, rustic lamps, candle lanterns…

A rustic look is not considered just in the living room, but it’s for all space in your home including bathroom, kitchen, hallway…

I bring you some wonderful rustic home decorations to inspire you when decorating your home in a rustic style.

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1. House Barn Door Wall Decor

2. Farmhouse Windmill Clock

3. Wooden Rustic Two Tiered Tray

4. Rustic Table Lamp

5. Rustic Wood Home Wall Decor

6. Farmhouse Ceramic Jug Set

7. Rustic Wood Cube Shelfs

8. Table Runner Farmhouse Style

9. Candle Lantern

10. Rustic Decorative Vase

11.  Rustic Table Centerpiece Decor

12. Country Home Decor Jugs

13. Wood Serving Trays

14. Bear Coasters Set

15. Key Holder & Organizer

16. Rustic Wall Décor

17. Retro Home Decor Windmill

18. Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

19. Storage Basket

20. Cloche set

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